Triple-i offers a suite of innovative vehicle tracking products that are
user-friendly and custom tailored to your unique dealership requirements.
Whether monitoring asset histories, maintenance schedules or providing
real-time location tracking in multiple dealer lots, Triple-i has all the tools
to optimize inventory visibility and control.

Triple-i is paving the path with a revolutionary RFID lot management
solution. The ability to convey inventory information in real-time through
RFID has proven its benefits with improved workforce productivity,
increased sales, and significantly lower overhead costs associated with
vehicle preparation, lot maintenance, and vehicle turn-around times.

Adopting RFID technology can solve many challenges and provide
several key benefits including:

  • Web-based solution that is easily scalable and tailored to your
    company's needs.
  • Significantly reduce manual labor costs, search time, down time,
    and shrinkage.
  • Using mobile devices to search for available inventory across
    multiple dealer locations.
  • Customizable alerts based on zone, time, and vehicle motion via
    e-mail or SMS.
  • Full visibility and priority control of vehicle reconditioning
  • Google maps to visually pinpoint the exact location of each vehicle.
  • Performance measurement reporting for inventory, sales, and staff.
  • Automatic cycle counts eliminates manual inventory counts and
    intrusive third-party audits


When a dealership receives a shipment of vehicles, an RFID tag is programmed with the vehicle's ID and full description, which travels with the vehicle until it finds a new owner.

Custom time, zone, and motion alerts are easily configured to provide optimal visibility and control of vehicle inventory. When a vehicle leaves lot A, a checkpoint reader scans the vehicle out with a timestamp; software is used to automatically share the information throughout the company. When the vehicle arrives at lot B, the vehicle is automatically checked-in.

Employees can securely access the software through a computer or mobile device (tablet computer, smart-phone, and RFID reader) to find its real-time location on
custom lot maps and keep track of sales and service statuses.

The efficiencies created by this visibility are enormous, significantly improving productivity, customer service, and creating a peace of mind for inventory traceability.

Solution Case Studies