Inspired by over 700 hours of industrial RFID research and development with construction leader PCL, Triple-i has combined the best in hardware and software to produce an innovative real-time asset management solution for the industrial world. Features include automatic monitoring and reporting of work-in-process, generating automatic shipping load lists, locating assets with a custom pick lists, and various other useful tools. Our technologies are built tough to provide reliable asset tracking and real-time visibility even through extreme Canadian weather and rugged industrial conditions.

We are able to wirelessly convey valuable information with our fully customizable software and state-of-the-art RFID hardware. Easily scalable and user friendly, our solution provides real-time asset locating, user programmable alerts, and customizable reports to enhance decision making processes. Users can locate and monitor site assets from the office or in the field with any RFID or web-enabled devices.

RFID is emerging into the industrial environment with high performing yet cost effective technologies. Until recent breakthroughs in technology, tracking industrial assets was a challenge for RFID due to the metallic interferences and harsh conditions. Triple-i has formed alliances with high-end technology manufactures enabling patented technology to overcome industrial radio frequency challenges.

Proven with significant benefits, RFID is swiftly making its way to construction sites and manufacturing facilities; automatically tracking assets through production, lay-down yards, and assembly yards.

Key benefits of the industrial asset tracking solution include:

  • Ability to monitor and locate work-in-process.
  • Automatically generate shipping load lists and invoices.
  • Create custom pick lists for product service and inspection.
  • Significantly reduce manual labor costs, search time, down time, and shrinkage.
  • Google maps used to visually pinpoint the exact location of valuable assets.
  • Customizable alerts based on geo-zone, time, and priority level via e-mail or SMS.

Feel free to explore Triple-i’s industrial asset tracking solutions.  Please contact us for more information regarding the many other opportunities for RFID tracking.

Fabrication facilities

Fabrication facilities are often large and full of activity. Implementing RFID technology within an indoor manufacturing site can help improve coordination of construction and assembly processes through distinct checkpoint zones, and full area coverage for locating tagged assets. This gives laborers, managers, and inspectors a reliable tool to efficiently locate, identify and verify the complete assembly process for each product.

RFID readers at dock doors and shipping gates can automatically generate reliable shipping load lists and instantly convey them to the appropriate department for verification.

Lay down yards and assembly yards

Locating and identifying individual pipe-spools or other industrial assets in large open yards can become very tedious and time-consuming. Enabling real-time visibility on massive construction yards can significantly reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and offer a piece of mind for quick and accurate asset locating. Pick list functions can be used to allow employees the ability to search or inspect only the assets of concern.

Tool tracking

Tracking tools and heavy equipment remains a manual process for many construction companies. This leaves companies vulnerable and open to a chain of potential problems when specialized tools and valuable company equipment goes missing. These problems have direct impact to on-time performance, labor costs, and expedition costs when a company is forced to source and replace lost or misplaced equipment.

With Triple-i's innovative tool tracking solutions, companies can rest assured that tools and valuable heavy equipment will never fall off their radar without an alert. This leads to significant reductions in tool search time, minimizes production delays, and prevents the need for expensive replacements.

Case Studies

Overview - Industrial
Container Port Casestudy - Georgia Ports
Mining Construction  Asset Tracking Casestudy - LKAB Sweden
Offshore O&G Worker Safety Casestudy - ConocoPhillips
Tunnel Asset Tracking Casestudy -Wwienerwald, Austria