Triple-i Tracking Technologies Inc. provides valuable technical and business strategy advice to help your company adopt the innovation of RFID and improve your operational productivity.  We work close with your team to understand your unique processes, develop a custom built-to-fit solution, and integrate the optimal solution with minimal implementation and infrastructure costs. Triple-i solutions are designed to be flexible, portable, and easily scalable.

Triple-i’s transparent 4-step work process empowers clear and effective understanding from the very first point of project initiation through to successful completion.

More and more companies are realizing the significant benefits today's RFID tracking systems can provide. With real-time visibility of products, tools, employees and other valuable assets, RFID users are taking their productivity and customer service to a whole new level and saving substantial lost revenue. 

Feel free to explore our RFID divisions in Industrial and Automotive asset management, and get more information on other industries where RFID technology is proving significant results!